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The security marketplace is one that is saturated with those who prey on the fear of insecurity or vulnerability that today’s businesses have due to the widespread proliferation of Internet based attacks. Most of these so called “security consultants” have little grasp of the risks of today and believe they should be able to make a fortune by installing a firewall and leaving the customer with the feeling that they have been protected.

Evolution Designs understands that the attack surface is far reaching and that a multi pronged defense is required on both sides of the network.

We work with various components including in-depth log analysis, firewalls, intrusion detection, network traffic analysis (sniffing), extensive and recurring security audits and more to ensure that our customers are protected.

We strive to educate our customers that a single intervention generally does not assure security. The face of security is a changing one, and periodic analysis of traffic, and auditing of the network are the only sure ways to eliminate insecurity.

In addition to performing reactive and proactive services, Evolution Designs will train staff on methods by which they can become more secure in daily practices.

All work performed is documented thoroughly and provided to the appropriate personnel.

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