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tourneypro allows you to spend more time collecting profits instead of worrying about the common mistakes often committed by even the most experienced of tournament directors. With tourneypro’s easy to use interface you can start managing your own tournament in only a few minutes. Player tracking, sponsor tracking, financial tracking, and reporting: tourneypro, everything you need!

Track Players - tourneypro allows you to keep track of players within even the largest of tournaments. tourneypro stores golfer information such as contact information, company affiliation, handicap and rental requirements. Additionally, players entry fees and payment statuses are conveniently tracked throughout the tournament process.

Track Teams - tourneypro’s team manager allows to you to easily configure and track multiple teams within multiple flights. Quickly create and fill the teams without duplications or errors. The intuitive team manager allows you to add and remove players according to company affiliation, player ability and/or handicap.

Track Sponsorships - tourneypro’s sponsor manager takes the guess work out of managing your tournament sponsors and sponsorships. Easily track your sponsor’s contact information, assigned sponsorships and payment status. Add and remove sponsorships such as hole sign, premium level and even custom sponsorships which are tailored to your tournament needs.

Accounting - tourneypro’s built in tournament ledger allows to you instantly track your tournament income, expenses, profits, losses, player fees and sponsor fees. Reconcile payments in the tourneypro ledger just as you would when balancing your home checkbook. Include notes and check numbers for easy reconciliation against the tournament books.

Generate Reports - tourneypro’s many built in reports will give you the reporting required to make your tournament a successful one. Available reports include: player list, pairings list, sponsor list, sponsorship breakdown, sign list, ledger report, collections report, profit & loss statements, and an option to purchase customized reports directly from tourneypro.

Tournament Estimator - tourneypro’s tournament estimator will allow you to estimate your tournament’s profit potential before you sign up a single player or sponsor. Insert estimate items and supply quantities, expected income and expected costs. Instantly you will receive a line by line break down of your tournament’s income potential.

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