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One of the things that remain constant across all of our products, services, and work ethic is reliability. Reliability of a customers network is something that we assume not only we are worried about – but that most of our customers are worried about as well.

With the proliferation of denial of service attacks that are internet based – sometimes not even the most skillfully crafted firewall configuration or intrusion detection system can keep a target network from falling prey to those who seek a thrill in bringing networks to their knees.

IPAware can be a safety net in the stormy sea that is the Internet.

More than just a periodic “ping” of your servers, IPAware uses multiple sites, content verification, false positive algorithms and most importantly a two sided approach to the normally one sided method of providing server uptime services.

IPAware also uses an ever growing library of modules that allow flexibility so that you can tailor the method by which it provides uptime verification to suit your individual needs. IPAware is a zero footprint client which provides the peace of mind that its presence is not going to affect the day to day operations of your servers.

ipAware Home Page
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